Lunch Menu



Chili con queso- Spicy Texas style cheese dip with house made chips $5.95

Tostaditas- 2 small crispy corn tortillas topped with refried beans, romaine, pico and crema. Top with chicken tinga or carnitas $6.95

Nachos Laredo- Refried beans, Mexacan cheeses, pico, jalepenos and chipotle crema $7.95      top with steak or chicken for $2.00

Chicken Taquitos- Crisp corn tortillas stuffed with chicken and cheese then topped with pico, queso fresco , & crema served with chili de arbol sauce $6.95

Carne Asada Bites- Mesquite grilled skirt steak skewers served over black bean & roasted corn salad

Sopa Y Ensalada

Simple Salad- Field greens, queso fresco, pico, pumpkin seeds and black beans in a cilantro vinaigrette $6.95 Add Steak or grilled chicken $2.50

Fajita Salad –  Romaine lettuce topped with Mesquite grilled chicken or steak ( your choice) and lots of sautéed peppers,& onions,  tossed in a chipotle dressing and topped with pico, sour cream , and Guacamole!!  bring your appetite! $10.95

Tortilla Soup- chicken, pico, questo fresco & tortilla strips. Cup $3.95 /  bowl $5.95

Texas Brisket Chili- Low and slow brisket, ancho chiles, cumin and garlic topped with pico & crema .  cup $4.25 / bowl $5.95

Soup and Taco combo – Tortilla soup bowl with your choice of 1 taco from the taco menu $7.25


Tex Mex Fajitas- mesquite grilled, served on a sizzling skillet with chiles, onions, peppers, & mushrooms. served with rice, beans, & fresh tortillas. Steak or chicken $11.95 or combo $12.95.   Shrimp $13.50, or Shrimp & Steak combo $13.95, Vegetarian $9.95

Enchiladas Banderas–2 enchiladas topped with green tomatillo & red tampiquena sauce and mexican cheeses. Choose chicken $8.50 or cheese $7.50

Enchiladas de Mole- 2 enchiladas topped with our house made mole & mexican cheeses. Choose chicken $8.50 or cheese $7.50

Carne Asada- Skirt steak, marinated and mesquite grilled. Served with rice, beans, pico, sour cream, guacamole, and fresh tortillas $10.95

Carnitas- Slow braised pork in a smoky ancho chile sauce. Served with rice, beans, pico, sour cream, guacamole, and fresh tortillas $9.95


Tortas Y Mas

Tortas are served on grilled taler a style bread from Castillo Bakery in White Center.  They have refried borracho beans, shredded romaine, sliced avocado, tomatoes, crema and chipotle mayo.

Choose from the following Tortas:    Carne Asada $9 |  Grilled Chicken $8.50 |  Pork Carnitas $8.50 | Chorizo $8.25 | Black Bean & grilled vegetable $8

Cowboy Burger- House Ground Prime Sirloin patty , mesquite grilled and topped with a cheese stuffed chili relleno, frizzled onion rings, chipotle mayo, pico, romaine, & crema on fresh Talera bun.  Served with Fries, tortilla soup , or simple salad $9.95

Cuban- Havana style! with low and slow carnets, boars head ham, salami, swiss cheese, ground mustard, & pickles all grilled on Telera bread .  Served with fries, tortilla soup, or simple salad $8.95

Taco Plates

All taco plates served with Two Tacos,  rice,  & borracho beans. $8.50    * add a taco to any plate for $1.25

Carne Asada- Grilled Skirt steak with cilantro & onions

Al Pastor- Rotisserie cooked marinated pork with a touch of pineapple topped with cilantro & onions

Pollo Asado-  Grilled chicken with refried black beans, pico, queso fresco, & chili de arbol sauce

Carnitas- Slow brased pork in an ancho chili sauce with cilantro & onions

Vegetarian Black Bean- Refried beans topped with guacamole, pico, queso & chili de arbol sauce.

Fish – Grilled or Blackend topped with chipotle crema & sweet chili slaw


Mariachi Burritos

 Flour tortilla stuffed with rice, house borracho beans, pico, & creama. with a side of house pickled jalepenos

Carne asada- skirt steak, marinated and mesquite grilled  $8.75

Pollo asado- Marinated and grilled chicken breast  $8.25

Carnitas –  Our slow roasted Pork & ancho chilis $8.25

Black Bean- Vegetarian refried black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, queso &  chili de arbol sauce. $8.00


Rolled Quesadillas

New take on a classic. Folded into a Square and grilled then sliced in half . Served with chipotle crema sauce and pico de gallo

Carne asada $8.50 | Grilled Chicken $8.00 | Carnitas $8.00 | Black Bean and avocado $7.00 | Cheese $7


Guacamole $2 |  Chips & salsa $1.75 | Borracho beans $1.25 | Mexican rice $1.25 | Sour cream or Mexican crema $1